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Re: Suggestions please

From: Tony Dare <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 14:05:59 -0700
Message-ID: <NxBhc.30$>

Howard -

Set up the second database as a managed standby database. When the time comes to cut over, simply make sure that you manually archive the primary's online redo log files and transport them to the standby. Apply them and then simply open the database. Clients' Oracle Net configuration must be changed to use the new database (which will have the same name as the old one - all that needs to change is the hostname). The primary database must be in archive log mode and configured to support a standby database. This assumes that both servers are available at the same time, of course.

instructions to do all this are in the documentation on the Oracle Technet site ( for standby databases. It also ought to be on your distribution CDs. Managed standby is part of your license, no extra cost, so far as I know.


Tony Dare
Sr. Service Delivery Engineer
Advanced Product Services
Oracle Corporation

Howard J. Rogers wrote:
> Scenario: two networked servers. One server currently houses a 9i
> database. Database is to be moved to the new server. (Both servers are
> Solaris). Database is 24x7, so downtime must be minimal. Database is
> only 20GB in size.
> The two servers cannot share storage of any kind, so my original idea of
> creating new tablespaces within the same database but on the new box's
> storage and then moving tables/indexes across to the new tablespaces is
> not a go-er (unless maybe an NFS mount would do the trick...??). For
> the same reason, my other idea of using dbms_redefinition to move the
> data across and incurring minimal table locking is not a flyer.
> There is a possibility of creating a new database on the new server,
> populating it with empty copies of the source tables, and then
> populating the new tables via dblinks... but the concern is that clients
> will modify data in the source tables as the move takes place (thanks to
> the 24x7 ruke0, and therefore another possibility has been discussed of
> setting up replication between the two databases to capture
> post-initial-setup DML... but replication to handle the move of a 20GB
> database strikes me as absurd.
> Basically, I'm just casting around for suggestions as to how you would
> approach the issue.
> Anyone got any timings on a 20GB export and import?
> Regards
Received on Wed Apr 21 2004 - 16:05:59 CDT

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