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Re: Problem importing from Unix to Windows

From: Turkbear <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 09:44:02 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Also be sure you used a BINARY copy of the dmp file when moved from the Unix system.

KevJohnP <> wrote:

>Couple of things spring to mind;
>- try show=y (see docs for more info, imp/exp are in the Utilities
>manual IIRC)
>- ensure it is not a direct path export as I believe these are not portable
>- try copying the file back to the original system and use imp with
>show=y to see if it is readable there (if you have a broken dump file
>then no amount of magic will fix it)
>jukia wrote:
>> I am trying to import a dmp file from Unix to Windows. The file is
>> sized 1.6 gb. I have installed Oracle 8i (8.1.7) on Windows 2000. The
>> Oracle Home directory is d:\oracle\ora81.
>> I would like to:
>> - view the contents of the dmp file so I can see the table names /
>> schema
>> - import the dmp file into my Oracle db on my Windows 2000 server.
>> I have tried both the OEM Import Wizard and the command line IMP
>> utility but both are failing.
>> When attempting to read the .dmp file using the Import Wizard in
>> Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) I get an error:
>> "couldn't open "c:/winnt/temp/2824144632.log": no such file or
>> directory". This error also appears when I try to do an export.
>> I found a post which suggested creating a file called 'null.tcl' in
>> the \network\agent\tcl directory, but I think this fix was for an
>> earlier version of Oracle as this file already existed in my
>> ORACLE_HOME directory.
>> Additionally, if I try to import the file using the IMP command line
>> utility, I get an error saying 'abnormal end of export file'. I have
>> increased the buffer size & I'm verifying now that the file was FTP'd
>> in binary mode. The import rows option is turned off.
>> I hope someone can provide some pointers/tips to help me.
>> Thank you in advance.
Received on Wed Apr 21 2004 - 09:44:02 CDT

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