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Re: Suggestions please

From: koert54 <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 19:37:05 GMT
Message-ID: <BTVgc.13429962$>

If OS + Oracle version are the same I would go for a clone - apply logs and make the switch ...

If you like exp/imp : I did 30Gb data + 20Gb index from one box to another over 1 gigabit
using exp/dd/rsh/imp (4x parallel) in just under 4hours ... would have been faster if
I had more disks to play with ...

"Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote in message news:4083b4b2$0$442$
> Scenario: two networked servers. One server currently houses a 9i
> database. Database is to be moved to the new server. (Both servers are
> Solaris). Database is 24x7, so downtime must be minimal. Database is
> only 20GB in size.
> The two servers cannot share storage of any kind, so my original idea of
> creating new tablespaces within the same database but on the new box's
> storage and then moving tables/indexes across to the new tablespaces is
> not a go-er (unless maybe an NFS mount would do the trick...??). For
> the same reason, my other idea of using dbms_redefinition to move the
> data across and incurring minimal table locking is not a flyer.
> There is a possibility of creating a new database on the new server,
> populating it with empty copies of the source tables, and then
> populating the new tables via dblinks... but the concern is that clients
> will modify data in the source tables as the move takes place (thanks to
> the 24x7 ruke0, and therefore another possibility has been discussed of
> setting up replication between the two databases to capture
> post-initial-setup DML... but replication to handle the move of a 20GB
> database strikes me as absurd.
> Basically, I'm just casting around for suggestions as to how you would
> approach the issue.
> Anyone got any timings on a 20GB export and import?
> Regards
Received on Mon Apr 19 2004 - 14:37:05 CDT

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