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Re: production database to test database, apply archive logs, online backup

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 01:28:06 +1000
Message-ID: <4083effd$0$6018$>

yls177 wrote:

> Sybrand Bakker <> wrote in message news:<>...

>>On 16 Apr 2004 08:21:28 -0700, (yls177) wrote:
>>> (hrishy) wrote in message news:<>...
>>>>Hi Yes
>>>>You are doing a sort of standby database..remember you shouldnt be
>>>>doing any transactions in your test database.
>>>> (yls177) wrote in message news:<>...
>>>>>if i take the production server backup (full) and restore to test
>>>>>server, and opened it. and then after some time, took the online
>>>>>backup of production with its control file , and restore to the test
>>>>>server, i am able to do so , right?
>>>>>also, i am able to apply archived logs after the online backup so that
>>>>>i have a latest production backup in the test server as the original
>>>>>production backup?
>>>not doing any transactions as in "open the database"?
>>It doesn't really matter. You are trying to hack yourself out already,
>>so it really doesn't matter how you accomplish your goal.
>>Obviously you *CAN'T* synchronize your 'test' database using the
>>archives from a production database, because as soon as you do
>>*ANYTHING* on that database, the SCNs of 'test' and production
>>databases are going out of sync.
>>Do you really believe you can 'merge' 2 databases using archives. Try
>>to *understand* how Oracle keeps track of transactions by reading
>>documentation and do not simply *assume* it will be possible.
> one says can and the other say not...
> so how?

Er, one says "remember you shouldn't be doing any transactions in your test database". The other says "as soon as you do anything on [your test ] database the SCNS... are going to be out of sync".

They are actually agreeing with each other that a working, operating "TEST" database cannot be updated/refreshed by archives produced on a "PRODUCTION" database in the way you describe.

Where Hrishy is slightly misleading is the suggestion that you can open TEST and it will be OK provided you don't do any transactions. That's wrong, since the very act of opening TEST counts for the purposes of disrupting the SCNs between TEST and PRODUCTION.

That aside, both say you can't do it given the details you originally posted, and if it helps any to settle things in your mind, here's a third voice saying it can't be done.

HJR Received on Mon Apr 19 2004 - 10:28:06 CDT

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