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Re: oracle listener using virtual servers

From: Mark Bole <>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 02:00:34 GMT
Message-ID: <6jlgc.38008$>

Teresa wrote:

> Hello
> I have 3 sun Solaris servers running oracle 8i db's 2 of the servers
> have a virtual name and 1 does not, also 1 of the db's resides on the
> array, so we can mount & un mount this database in between the 3
> servers. Then when importing all the oracle files from the server
> which has no virtual name I can't bring up the listener. I have a very
> hard time configuring it and after about 2 hours I can get the 3
> oracle instances working on the virtual server, ( I was able to do
> this only once) I changed the tnsnames.ora from user 'host.v01
> host.p01, then when importing all disks back to server with no virtual
> name, I had a problem but not as big, after importing back to server
> with virtual name I can only get 2 instances to be re cognized by the
> listener. I don't know why, is driving me nuts. Oracle support are not
> very helpful etc.
> Does any one every came across this before, if so how did it fix?
> Thanks
> Teresa

There is a lot of detail missing from your post, such as exact error messages, version, config file, etc. This makes it hard to help... :-(

I'm guessing that you are having problems with multiple listeners trying to come up on the same address/port, which will normally fail (as would any program trying to listen on a TCP/IP address:port combination already in use).

For the database that "floats" from server to server, try creating a dedicated listener. In your listener.ora, you can use non-default names (which then become arguments to the lsnrctl command).

Something like this (you may not need the IPC protocol).





% lsnrctl start LISTENER1
% lsnrctl start LISTENER2


You can then stop and start each listener independently of other listeners on port 1521, as long as each uses a different address (what you call "virtual name").

If you have access to Metalink, there are some notes regarding this situation, as I recall.

The tnsnames entries should only need to reference the correct address (virtual name), they do not need to know anything about individual listeners.

--Mark Bole Received on Sat Apr 17 2004 - 21:00:34 CDT

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