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Re: Windows, ODBC, Oracle, Redirect Packet

From: CH <>
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 13:28:58 -0400
Message-ID: <>

No ip security enabled. No filtering.... I had a 3rd part of this that got lost elsewhere... I've included it here...

More apologies... the delayed visibility of the posts really limited my ability to string this altogether... More info on my post(s) of the same topic. In the case of the failing client, when the client gets the redirect packet it looks like it responds with a tcp reset. This would appear to imply that something on the client is broken or cannot talk properly or at least with the port that the server provided. There is other IP traffic (to different hosts) that shows up in the sniffer capture, w/o any resets being sent. THe only resets I can find in the brief capture are the ones for this connect request sequence to the oracle server. The working client does not send any tcp resets.

"Frank van Bortel" <> wrote in message news:c546s8$3t6$
> CH wrote:
> > Sorry for 2 posts... Posting hadnt shown up so could not do a followup
> > yet... more info after looking at other posts... Re the problem
> > described in my other post (same subject)... Both clients on same
> > switch in same cubicle. No firewall involved. The redirect info from
> > the server is similar in both cases (working and non-working). The IP
> > address provided in the redirect packet is visable to both clients
> > (only the port changes). I saw where some servers can return an IP
> > that is not reachable. Thought I'd throw this in as well. I don't
> > have direct access to the server as it is remote from here. Only to
> > the client(s) and a sniffer.
> No firewall - but what about IP security? (options tab of your
> advanced (!) IP configuration - advanced... is a button in
> the properties tab)
> --
> Regards,
> Frank van Bortel
Received on Sat Apr 10 2004 - 12:28:58 CDT

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