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Re: UNISYS is offering free Oracle 10g reference poster

From: Dusan Bolek <>
Date: 7 Apr 2004 10:12:29 -0700
Message-ID: <> (Mike Ault) wrote in message news:<>...

Well, is hard to critise something that was given for free, but anyway few points:

  1. Who came with that stupid name? Why it is the "Senior Oracle DBA Reference"? Juniors are prohibited to use this? You must have 5+ DBA experience to get this? Is it too complex to be understandable by non-senior DBAs?
  2. As I remember there are much more data dictionary views than 62 included on the poster. It is nice to know that Burleson Consulting is existing, but there could be at least five more views displayed instead of this. There is still space available near a border for Mr. Burleson.
  3. It is definitely a matter of taste, but used background image is too "noisy" for me. I would prefer something more decent, this background is getting too much attention compared to the views, those should be central on the poster like this.
  4. No grouping by category?

It was a nice try and thank for it. However, I still prefer the poster from Computer Associates (the only product from them with high value/performance ratio). :-)

Dusan Bolek

> UNISYS and Rampant TechPress have commissioned a comprehensive
> Oracle10g Dictionary Reference poster. I participated in creating it,
> and it includes all the important DBA Views, keys, data columns, and
> data relationships. It also has the new 10g AWR and ASH DBA_HIST views
> that replace STATSPACK in Oracle10g.
> We spent many hours working on this poster, and I think we've done a
> great job on it.
> They plan to give it away free at IOUG Live! And OracleWorld, but if
> you cannot attend, you can order a copy and have it mailed directly to
> you.
> To see the poster image, click below:
> To have a copy mailed ($5.99 shipping & handling), you can click here:
> Mike
Received on Wed Apr 07 2004 - 12:12:29 CDT

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