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Re: Backup trends (2): HOT or COLD

From: Sybrand Bakker <>
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2004 07:25:48 +0200
Message-ID: <>

On Sat, 03 Apr 2004 00:33:47 GMT, "Bob Jones" <email_at_me.not> wrote:

>"Sybrand Bakker" <> wrote in message
>> On Fri, 2 Apr 2004 07:37:30 +0000 (UTC), Lucyna Witkowska
>> <> wrote:
>> >Sorry, I made a stupid version error and discussion "went to raspberry
>> >bushes" (as we say in Poland).
>> >So I try again. ;-)
>> >Oracle (version supported by the application developer).
>> >Is there any admin (, that rely only on RMAN warm
>> >
>> >Greetings,
>> >Lucyna Witkowska
>> Sure, why not.
>> RMAN is much more stable than any home grown korn shell script.
>> For some time I'm trying to get the home grown scripts out of the
>> window. They are too inflexible and many of them require maintenance
>> when datafiles are added. RMAN doesn't need that.
>> --
>> Sybrand Bakker, Senior Oracle DBA
>I have to disagree. We have been using shell scripts to backup for years and
>never have any problem. They do not require maintenance if datafiles are
>added. I have never used RMAN. Does it backup files with OS copy, or Oracle
>special commands to backup only the data not the empty space in the data
>files? I would consider RMAN only if the later is true.

No one can forbid you to stay where you are. But usually somewhere there will the moment you come out of your cave and you feel like Catweazle, the wizard transported from the Mediaeval Age to the 70s.

And yes, Oracle RMAN doesn't backup the empty space, and yes it does do incremental backup's, and yes, it is capable of recovering corrupt blocks only, and yes it does support backup administration for purposes of retention policy etc, etc, etc. Your 'scripts' have that all build in? Guess not.

Sybrand Bakker, Senior Oracle DBA
Received on Fri Apr 02 2004 - 23:25:48 CST

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