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Re: Article about supposed "murky" future for Oracle

From: Euan Garden[MS] <>
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 08:15:20 GMT
Message-ID: <scQac.52068$w54.328482@attbi_s01>

Ok so my opinion of you just hit the floor. This is an outrageous statement.

You are making a claim that you can not substantiate. I offer you the chance to prove it one way or another, you find a way to not want to do that ,using some random peoples confidence in you as an excuse. You then accuse me of having ulterior motives? Get a grip of yourself man, you don't know me, my motives, my scruples or my integrity, how dare you insult me in such a fashion.

I'll quite happily tell you my motives and if you had asked I would have done so. I want to prove you wrong, you have a history of making negative statements about SQL Server, here in the newsgroups and in other forums. You are totally entitled to do that and I find them amusing. This one has no truth to it (BTW I am still trying to work out what "this" is as you have changed twice in my interpretation) and I want to prove that and prove to some folks in this newsgroup that SQL Server can run large SAP implementations. Its really that simple, sorry for not being as devious as you hoped but all I do is build software and evangelise it.


Euan Garden
Product Unit Manager
SQL Server Development
Microsoft Corporation

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"Daniel Morgan" <> wrote in message

> Mark Townsend wrote:
> > Euan Garden[MS] wrote:
> >
> >> See my offer further up, I'll happily arrange a visit for you to the
> >> Admins that run Microsofts SQL Server SAP implementation. I am pretty
> >> sure
> >> thats as good a reference as it gets?
> >>
> >> Regards
> >
> >
> > I'd be very keen to do this :-)
> The offer is only on the table in the hope that they can figure
> out who told. And there is no way I am going to compromise two
> people that have been there for years and whose family's
> livelihoods depend on their staying there.
> --
> Daniel Morgan
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Received on Thu Apr 01 2004 - 02:15:20 CST

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