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Re: Article about supposed "murky" future for Oracle

From: rkusenet <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 20:33:54 -0500
Message-ID: <c4aikr$2futkq$>

"Daniel Morgan" <> wrote

> > Have Orbitz turned back RAC on? If not, why?
> Don't know so I can't answer.

You can check eweek. AFAIK they have got rid of RAC for good (when I read last).

> The companies you mention .... fools? I don't know them personally so
> I can comment on the people. On the technology? Yes I do.

You know it is this kind of arrogance which ticks off many. You are a c.d.i lurker too. You must be knowing some guys there who trash oracle. I remember you once asked "are companies like boeing, AT&T fools to use oracle and not informix".

> You mean like they hammered Netscape and are now hammering RealNetworks?
> You mean by exercising monopolistic illegal market influence. Yeah I
> belive that.

I don't think anyone is accusing MS for illegal tactics when it comes to back office and server products like WIN 2003/SQLK 2003. Their bullying tactics (which I don't deny) is restricted to only desktop applications.

>So, in other words, vote for the winner. No doubt you'll try to do
>that in November too.
>In case you haven't noticed ... I'm not impressed by Microsoft and
>any aspect of its so-called technology. Now if we were talking about
>marketing prowess I'd acknowledge they are the best. They'd do just
>as well, however, selling toilet paper.

I would, if Canadians are allowed to vote :-). And what is wrong in voting for the winner. After all I know of many Informix installation which switched over to Oracle just because they know Oracle won't go away, even if it means shelling huge amount of money to get a performance not comparable with their earlier Informix one.

I remember being an audience to a debate between two fanatical DBAs (Oracle and Informix). The Oracle guy said "if Informix is that good, then how Oracle owns the market". I butted in saying "the same argument can be used to pimp for MS SQL Server too". Received on Mon Mar 29 2004 - 19:33:54 CST

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