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Re: I hate OTN now (and Metalink's searches)

From: Turkbear <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 15:46:32 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Teresa Redmond <> wrote:

>On Mon, 29 Mar 2004 13:29:35 -0600, in,
>Turkbear <> scribbled:
>>Teresa Redmond <> wrote:
>>>As someone who is learning, and has been lurking here with occasional
>>>posts (and great answers!), I have found OTN to be hideous. I have
>>>had a membership there for 3 years, and the last time I went to the
>>>site, all of a sudden my password didn't work. I tried twice to use
>>>the "forgot your password" emailer, which sent my password to my email
>>>address, and the password they sent me did not work. I tried to
>>>create a new user, with the expired information (that's what the
>>>website said), but couldn't, because the email address is in use...
>>>but the password for that email address is invalid, and I can't get in
>>>there to change anything!!! So then, I had to create a NEW account,
>>>and I really dislike having had to do that.
>>>The search capability has changed, and like I have seen others write
>>>here, the results usually have nothing to do with the search term you
>>>entered. I have never liked the OTN site, it has always been
>>>abyssmally slow to load (if it ever loaded at all), and now it is
>>>definitely worse.
>>>Whatever number we're up to, "'me '" || that_number.
>>It is very confusing, especially if you used their older and friendlier version..
>>I found that ( since I mostly look for
>>documentation ) using this link:
>>gets me to the correct section and I can then look at all the various version's docs.
>>Helps somewhat...
>Yes, I found that at some point and managed to get to my version's
>docs, which I then promptly bookmarked. All I need now is for OTN to
>shuffle up their URLs again so that my bookmarks don't work...
>That's one thing I have hated for quite some time, to search in
>Google, find a very helpful post with a link back to OTN, then get
>either a 404 error or the OTN page that says whatever page you were
>looking for is not available anymore.
>Thanks for you link, and also for your many helpful posts. :-)

Your are welcome..
How hard would it be for the folks at OTN to keep the old page with just a redirect on it whenever eliminating/moving, etc a page -
If we treated our users that way( changing links on the production web server without redirects) , I'd soon be out of a job. Received on Mon Mar 29 2004 - 15:46:32 CST

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