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Re: Should DBA have access to sar and top?

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 17:41:15 -0800
Message-ID: <1080524456.343073@yasure>

Tim Barkley wrote:

> I came to a new shop as a DBA recently and discovered I am not allowed to
> use either sar or top on a Unix server where Oracle database is installed.
> Unix system administrator gave me some explanation why DBA is not allowed
> to have access to sar and top, but to me it sounds ridiculous, to put it
> modestly. I can't see how can one be expected to do serious Oracle
> performance tuning and troubleshooting without those tools. I'm curious if
> any of you ever ran into similar nonsense and how have you handled it.
> Here's what I've was told:
> "SAR and Top are system administrator tools and are therefore not required
> by any other users. System performance monitoring is an expressed function
> of the systems administrator. It is clearly stated in our job descriptions
> as being part of our responsibilities. This responsibility is not
> indicated in the job description of DBA's.
> Additionally, these tools inflict an overhead of system resources, which
> could compromise the running of a server if not controlled properly. SAR
> especially utilizes a great number of resources (especially if all of the
> parameters are used). Currently TNG is running performance monitoring (SAR
> in the background) and we run performance metrics as well. If other users
> also run these same monitors it would be a gross and unnecessary misuse of
> server resources and undermine the integrity of the system with which we
> are charged to maintain. Systems administrators are responsible for the
> monitoring of all applications on the platform (Oracle, Unicenter, FTP
> etc.) DBA's are responsible for the performance of their own individual
> application and as such may use the dedicated OEM and statsback utilities."
> Any comments are appreciated.

Gads another one that posts to every usenet group with the word Oracle in its name. What does this inquiry have to do with 3 of the 4?

I'm in agreement with Hans. Keep pushing your resume out until you find a job where they are more interested in quality of performance than rules.

Also be advised that a job interview is a two way street. I never, make that NEVER EVER, take on a project without inquiring as to whether essential tools will be given to me or whether I will need to fight for them. The last time, during an interview, someone said to me that such tools would not be available I terminated the interview got up and walked out the door. The look on their faces was priceless. I understand that the person that got the project ... also got the tools.

Daniel Morgan
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