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Re: migration database from windows nt 4 to windows 2000

From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 15:55:39 GMT
Message-ID: <%zC9c.27337$Ct5.19279@edtnps89>

antonio wrote:

> "Hans Forbrich" <> ha scritto nel messaggio
> news:aj%8c.21696$Ct5.235_at_edtnps89...


> have installed the version 8.0.5 on windows 2000 and then brought the
> back
> up of the briefcase database of wn nt 4.. and it doesn't work..
> I have tried to install the version 8i and the 10g on windows 2000 and to
> migrate the database..
> but osolete orainit.ora tells me
> antonio

Can you create & access a new database on 8.0.5/W2K? Even if it's only a sample db. If not, your 8.0.5 install is not correct.

If a sample does work, then you need to create the appropriate service on W2K to handle the copied 8.0.5. Either create a new database using the same name as the one you want to copy and then copy all relevant files on top of that, or search the 8.0.5 documentation for ORADIM80. (Doc A64416 is at - see chapter 9). Based on PD's comments, things like oradim80.exe should work on W2K.

Grasping at straws .... I am not sure whether you have any filesystem switch between NT and W2K. If there is, you might not be able to copy the files and have them properly recognized in W2K. (A looong time ago there used to be such a problem when copying across different UNIXes.)

Consider installing Oracle9i Release 2 as it is stable and has than 3 months in production. (8i is OK but has less than a year of support life and 10g is quite new and not understood well enough yet to get a lot of help in these forums.)

Instead of migrating, consider exporting the old data and importing into the new database using the export/import commands.

/Hans Received on Sun Mar 28 2004 - 09:55:39 CST

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