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Re: Access to oracle

From: Thomas T <T_at_T>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 18:23:39 -0500
Message-ID: <4064bb7e$>

"vikram" <> wrote in message
> HI,
> In our company we have been using access, now we are planning to use
> Oracle. I am not that well versed in DBA. Anyone can guide with some
> links or some materials or advice me the neccessary
> Thanks
> vikram

Good thing you're moving away from Access; the only thing it's good for is a single-user. Even a flat file would be better for a business than Access!

Along with everyone else's suggestions, see if you can find the "Oracle 8i, A Beginner's Guide" book, published by Osborne/Oracle Press. And while you're at the bookstore, see if you can find the Oracle Certification books.

Remember the basic rule of "Do tests of everything!" Create a test server on an old PC with whatever operating system you use for your network. Once your test server is set up, do a test installation of Oracle on it. Set up your client to connect to the test server and run test queries against the test database. Take notes on Everything and use them when you set up your production server.

As you develop your programs and plan your migration, always test everything on the test server first. Practice your backups, recoveries, auditing, tuning, schema creation, and everything else on the test server. Once you're sure one thing is perfect on the test server, then you should replicate it on the production server. You'll only feel slighly upset if you destroy the test server/database, but you might be fired if you destroy the production server/database! And it's much more fun to learn on a test server, because test servers can be rebuilt in a few hours. You don't want to ever have to rebuild a production box.

-Thomas Received on Fri Mar 26 2004 - 17:23:39 CST

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