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Re: PL/SQL web strange problem

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 15:18:26 +0100
Message-ID: <c3evbg$psn$>

Holger Baer wrote:

> Bob Le Brocq wrote:

>> Hi all
>> I've a strange problem. I have a PL/SQL procedure on my database. For
>> testing, it simply outputs hello world using htp, and then also
>> inserts a row into a known table (so that I know it has executed even
>> if the answer can't be seen).
>> The package loads successfully, I have a public synonym set up for it
>> so typing :
>> execute my_package.my_proc;
>> successfully executes.
>> I have had a DAD set up for me.
>> Now, when I log into https://myserver/pls/myapp/my_package.my_proc
>> I get asked for my password. This works fine. If I supply the correct
>> password I get through, but if I get it wrong, I fail authentication.
>> So far so good.
>> However, I always get a 404 error from the page. Moreover, the
>> procedure does *not* get executed (as the table row addition never
>> occurs), so it is a problem *before* the procedure itself.
>> I am stumped as to what the problem might be. I am guessing that
>> perhaps the machine with my database (different to the application
>> server I *think*) might be missing some vital configuration, or
>> perhaps I am missing some permissions I need to perform this
>> operation.
>> I know that when I try to do owa_util.showpage that doesn't work, or
>> maybe it should be oas_public.owa_util.showpage. Perhaps this is a
>> clue. The server version for my database is 8.1.7 I think.
>> I'm not a dba, but I do know the dba. what can we do to solve this
>> problem?
>> Thanks alot!
>> Bob (boblebrocq lives at hot mail * )
> First of all: Check your apache error_log and if you want more than
> an educated guess from this group, then post your procedure *and*
> any error message you can find.
> Regards,
> Holger

I doubt it's apache, as the OP uses oas_public - that would be OAS (aka WebServer V4), which may very well be cause of the problem: the owa packages that came with 8i are not compatible with the OAS ones.

Drop the 8i packages (believe they are owned by SYS), and recompile, or reinstall the OAS ones.
If you have OAS... that is


Frank van Bortel
Received on Fri Mar 19 2004 - 08:18:26 CST

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