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Re: Multi Threaded server not working for many inserts?

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 00:11:17 +1100
Message-ID: <40584e7c$0$3954$>

"Billy Verreynne" <> wrote in message
> (NetComrade) wrote :
> > This doesn't happen a lot, but seems to
> > happen plenty when the application control-c's the session (e.g. see
> > bug 2334868) or uabruptly disconnects.
> There is no bug listed on Metalink with that bug id.
> > I think MTS is not that widely used, therefore it doesn't get enough
> > attention from Oracle. Things are complicated further on our site by
> > having to use db-links over MTS as well.
> Think again. MTS is *critical* for any Oracle server which services
> more than just a couple of users. I would think that using dedicated
> server is the exception - unless of course the majority is ignorant
> with head-up-ass approach thinking that dedicated server is scaleable
> enough in a corporate environments that deals with large numbers of
> users
> Or where you have a small number of users and even a smaller server
> platform with limited memory - which also requires MTS as the only
> solution capable of enabling an Oracle server on such a small
> platform.
> I have yet to run into any serious MTS specific bugs. And I'm using
> MTS on a number of different platforms and architectures (OLTP, OLAP,
> development, 3 tier app server, etc). And if MTS can work well in a
> dev environment (the most abusive Oracle environment you can get), it
> sure as hell will work well in others. IMO.

Agreed. I would have thought that any OLTP environment with more than, say, 200 users would at least have considered shared server (aka MTS) and will quite probably have decided to run with it, depending on their hardware and specific application characteristics.

I know of people who backed MTS out in the grim days of version 7, but I haven't encountered any particular nasties with it since at least 8i (and I don't remember any in 8.0 either).

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