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Re: Used ports on oracle

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: 15 Mar 2004 13:33:59 -0800
Message-ID: <>

"Oebele Dijkstra" <> wrote in message news:<4055b7fa$0$67332$>...
> hello all,
> We try to connect to an oracle database over a VPN.
> I thought only the listener port (1521 by default) should be opened in the
> firewall.
> But: in the sqlnet.ora on the server i can see that i am connected but on my
> client i get a timeout message.
> It looks like other ports should be opened as well.
> Which one(s) ?
> Thanks,
> Oebele Dijkstra

What version of Oracle are you using?
It is possible to get this working without the use of CMAN in 9.2, using shared servers and one or more fixed dispatchers.

The main limitation I encoutered was that the configuration that I used created all incoming connection requests as a shared server session (virtual circuit). For power users (client/server) that were not connecting via the vpn, their tnsnames.ora files explicity requested a dedicated server session, so that was not a problem.

You will need to have the following ports open:

lets say that we set 1551 for the listener port, and 1552 for the dispatcher port.

in your client-side tnsnames.ora, you need only specify the listener port, and the listener will hand off the connection to the dispatcher.

in your init.ora file, you'll need to specify the hard-coded ip address and port of the dispatcher (1552).

you will likely need to specify all the listeners via the local_listener parameter, which should resolve to all local listeners (in the tnsnames.ora file). this is so that dynamic registration works for all listeners.

contact me offline - I have some additional notes regarding this setup.

again, I have it working ( but I don't have access to that setup currently.

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