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Re: MS SQL Server Evaluation

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 06:41:32 +1100
Message-ID: <40521273$0$31903$>

"Daniel Morgan" <> wrote in message news:1079112892.570278_at_yasure...
> Howard J. Rogers wrote:
> I think you are wrong on several counts.

That of course is everyone's privilege!!

>The main reason I see for
> RAC is build-out rather than build-up. It can save a boatload of
> money building a 16CPU machine with 8 x 2CPU Intel machines rather
> than talking to HP, Sun, or IBM about a 16CPU box. And with that
> boatload of money both Larry and his customers can buy their boats.

That of course rather presupposes that the 8x2 solution works as well as the 16 cpu solution. I'll lay odds up front that it wouldn't. Cache Fusion sounds great in the marketing material but it's just a lot of old inter-process messaging under the hood, all of which takes time and effort on the part of Oracle. You've still got the issue of forced disk writes. And the interconnect had better be up to the job.

And by the time you've paid the consultant to set GC_FILES_TO_LOCKS properly, you could probably have purchased the 16 cpu box twice over with enough left over for a small yacht.

> Failover will become a larger part of the equation when Oracle makes
> good its promise in a later release of 10g to make Oracle Forms, etc.
> failover which means we will finally be able to have failover with
> Oracle's own apps.

You believe these promises!?

> And grid? If you have 10g what is the extra cost for grid?

Performance and productivity, which will go down the tubes the minute the DBA starts experimenting with it in those environments that have no use for it.

> better it gets very wide implementation if the DBAs get off their
> hind quarters and stop treating Oracle like it is still v8.0 out
> of laziness and ignorance.

But as I think Niall put it in another thread: there was a time when 8.0 did all that we could ask of it, and we were happy. There will always be some that need the new features, but I don't believe business needs have changed *so* much since 8.0 that there will be a sudden rush for grid technology now that it's available from SME's.

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