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Re: Get database connection performance

From: Billy Verreynne <>
Date: 1 Mar 2004 21:28:54 -0800
Message-ID: <> (Tim Smith) wrote:

> We have an 8.05 database on windows 2000 and a legacy app that is
> getting a new connection for many operations. Due to performance
> problems we need to speed up this operation now, before we can fix the
> code.
> Are there any database parameters that are non-intrusive that can
> speed up the operation of getting a connection?

Can you backup the statement that the performance error is on the Oracle Listener side? There are many network settings and configurations that can cause the problem. Including disregarding Ethernet rules (which is a matter of course with many home grown company LANs).

If the problem is truly on the Listener side then it can be one of two issues.

Reverse DNS. That can be a major performance issue when the listener attempts to resolve hostnames. This is however not a listener specific settings as far as I can recall (last ran into it in the 90's on a poorly configured HP-UX box), but a network setting that "forces" that via the protocol stack.

The speed of starting a dedicated server process. Again, this is not really a listener problem, but an o/s issue.. still the listener needs to fire up a dedicated server process for that client connection and if the o/s is not up to it (hello Windows! ;-) then it can be many seconds before the dedicated server process is able to take over that connection and service the client.


Check your network config. Run trace routes to determine number of hops and speed per segment. Make sure that routers, gateways and hubs are correctly configured. Or get someone in to check if for you.

Test FTP and other connections to the server too. Ensure that you do not use some silly kind of network setting on the server that causes a delay for socket software in accepting new incoming connection requests.

Configure the Oracle instance for MTS. Which btw I'm not sure is possible with that old 8i version (I recall that MTS never worked with the 7.3 WindowsNT versions and 8.0.6 is a next door neigbour ).

Which of course emphasises what Daniel said. UPGRADE! You are running a desupported Oracle version that is ancient as far as software life cycles go.

Received on Mon Mar 01 2004 - 23:28:54 CST

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