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Re: Oracle 10G - Been There Seen That! <- posting just because of happiness and joy

From: Dusan Bolek <>
Date: 1 Mar 2004 08:23:29 -0800
Message-ID: <>

"FC" <> wrote in message news:<IpN%b.47049$>...
> Dusan, I think you should quickly move to a decent and stable OS like
> Windows XP, trust me...
> :-)
> By the way, how big turned out to be the installation?
> I've seen the requirements and before I can proceed I must find some space,
> I don't have all the gigabytes they claim.
> I just want to install a test environment, 3 gigabytes and a half are way
> too much, did you manage to keep it below 2GBs?

In fact I'm not using any non-UNIX like environments for Oracle testing anymore. It is too inconvenient to handle specialities of MS OSs, just because I need to test something. Much better is just use Solaris/AIX/Linux and have everything to be the same/similar as on production servers.

Instalation is slightly above gigabyte, but could be lowered. I installed it on clean 40GB HDD, so no problem at all for me. My test database has about 10gigs in size.

Instalation process, with exception of crashed creation of DB using dbca (during installing JAVA stuff EOF on CC error), went smoothly. I installed directly from CD, so even here no problem at all. Installation process was 4 painful days to get CD (3 times CRC errors, 1 times CD-R unreadable) and 30 minutes to install everything.

I started today to play with 10G and first impressions are really positive. Few minutes before, I have completed the first benchmark of Data Pump (I really wanted to see this new feature at work, was exp/imp hater for years) and it looks like it is really fast (about 60% time cut off during import). It is also much more convenient to work with, despite new syntax/concepts, which I still must get by heart.

Dusan Bolek

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