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Re: Restoring Oracle Control Files

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 07:48:57 +1100
Message-ID: <401ac33d$0$4259$>

"jiggaman" <> wrote in message
> Hi Howard,
> Thanx for your post and guidance. Fortunate for me that I got a chance
> to read your post b4 i was going to recreate the database. Anyways I
> recreated the oracle password file and then mounted the database and
> followed the recovery steps and voila ! i have a database.
> Now the next task i am required to do is to make a few changes to this
> database structure, you know delete a couple tables accidently and
> then recover the database using the original backup and making sure
> all the data is recoverd.

Well, of course: you can't use the *original* backup, because you've just recovered with a backup control file, and therefore will have had to issue the 'resetlogs' command. One of the things that does is to render all prior backups and all prior archives unusable. (There is a very tricky procedure that still lets you use them, but you really don't want to get into that). Every time you do a resetlogs, you're supposed to shut down the freshly-recovered database and do a complete backup. Then you have a new backup from after the time you reset the logs, and that can be used just fine.

>Since I am not a DBA I am not clear with all
> the principles of recovery however our DBA was layed off and now
> everything is on me. But thankfully due to people like you and sybrand
> and all other usenet patron these tasks are no longer daunting ! :) By
> the way I got a chance to read the "Database Administraton" manul
> written by you and I have to say by far that is the most easy to
> understand yet thoroughly detailed manuals on oracle that I have read.
> I really wished oracle didnt stop you from
> kiddin...

Happily for me, I no longer work for them, and I can write what I like. I'm currently 120 pages into a revised backup and recovery document, so keep an eye on, and you'll see it appear sometime in March (which will probably be too late for you, but my typing skills are not what they used to be!).


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