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e:Folders or MOREplus equivalent?

From: Christopher Fuhrman <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 10:44:09 -0400
Message-ID: <xJS19.7480$>

Hi all,

Please forgive the naive form of my request. I'm searching for some form of CGI/ASP/JSP/whatever middleware, preferably open-source, that allows one to EASILY integrate non-static data into a website (these data are possibly in a database, possibly on a filesystem). Tools I've seen in the past that come close to this are "e:Folders" (IntraBlocks) and "MOREplus" (

MOREplus is powerful, solid software, but it requires Oracle as a backend, and the customization of the software can only be done in the GUI (the TCL scripts). There is no file upload component that allows users to contribute documents, as far as I know.

We would like something that integrates, or could be adapted to integrate into work flow processes, where people upload documents as deliverables, etc. There is an aspect of change and configuration management that we are striving for as well. We are in an academic, research environment.

On a windows platform, we previously implemented a solution using e:Folders -- the Object Oriented metaphor for folders/files was simple and flexible, yet powerful. Non-technical computer users can relate to it well, since they usually understand folder/file hierarchies on a well organized hard drive.

It seems, however, that e:Folders no longer exists as a component one can integrate. I can't seem to find any info on a web page about it that is up-to-date. Also, I think it was only available on a Windows platform.

I'd be interested in pointers to solutions that are not just for Windows -- the server we are considering may be running linux/solaris, with Apache and MySQL. We don't mind writing CGI/ASP/JSP/whatever code, especially to extend the middleware's capabilities, so it should have an API. But ideally we'd like something out of the box that can do a minimal job, and that a non-programmer, non-web site admin, (i.e., secretary) can maintain the content of the site, once it's been set up.



Prof. Christopher Fuhrman
Département de génie électrique
École de technologie supérieure
Received on Wed Jul 31 2002 - 09:44:09 CDT

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