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Re: Oracle WAN performance questions

From: Nick Palmer <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 08:11:14 -0700
Message-ID: <>

No problem Roger, thanks for all your replies and help. Good luck with your move.

"Roger Crowley" <> wrote in message
> Nick Palmer wrote:
> > Roger and all others, thanks for the replies.
> >
> > Roger,
> >
> > We are using MTS, as the potential number of users connecting to this
> > database is around 800. Is MTS slower than not using MTS ? I'm not
> > about the dedicated or shared listeners but I can check on that. Does
> > have a performance impact as well ?
> The following applies to Oracle8i (if that matters). I don't have 9i.
> A lot of things contribute to a performance impact. MTS can be slower
> ... each process uses a chunk of memory (and if you have memory waits,
> that can cause problems). However, that being said, shared servers act
> like the network concentrators (multiplexors) of days gone by ... so
> there are fewer of them than dedicated servers. Since you have about 800
> connections (I assume you mean concurrent connections), you'll see a BIG
> improvement if you use shared servers.
> MTS assumes that each client is not overly talkative (network speaking,
> that is). In other words, MTS works best if a client sends Net8 packets,
> then waits a while (maybe while the user fills out a form), then sends
> another packet or two. The clients have to be the sort who are willing
> to share the channel. For clients with heavy network usage, you lose a
> lot of the benefit. It shines in environments where clients have a lot
> of idle time (our web-based app taxes Apache more than Oracle <g>).
> MTS also changes where session-specific information is stored. Dedicated
> servers place the User Global Area (UGA, where session info is stored)
> in the Program Global Area; Shared servers place the UGA in the Large
> Pool of the SGA. So you might have to tweak a few init.ora parameters.
> Sometimes MTS is not an option. Our firewall doesn't know anything about
> Net8 behavior (dispatchers setting up client "conversations" on a
> "random" port) ... so I have to use MTS and assign specific ports to the
> dispatchers so that our network people can let them punch thru the
> > Also, what are the Net8 parameters that one can configure. Are they
> > side or server side ?
> The tweaks are not specifically Net8 parameters. They're init.ora things
> like MTS_MAX_SERVERS (max number), MTS_SERVERS (inital number),
> MTS_DISPATCHERS (number of and connections for each), and so on. A good
> book you might want to look for is: Oracle Net8 Configuration and
> Troubleshooting by Hugo Toledo & Jonathan Gennick; O'Reilly; 2001.
> Chapter 5: "Multi-Threaded Server" contains a lot of useful info. If you
> don't play around with Net8 much, you could do like I often do and go to
> the bookstore and read a chapter or two. (Actually, I got tired of doing
> that and bought the book ... maybe why Borders Books doesn't mind people
> like me who treat it as a sort of "library" often.)
> > (I know thats a lot of questions, so you only have to answer the ones
> > want, and I can do some more research on the others)
> >
> > Thanks.
> > Nick
> >
> I'd write more ... but today is the last day my company is in their
> office spaces ... so I've packed almost everything in boxes and have to
> rely on my memory (my mom used to tell me I'd forget my head if it
> wasn't attached).
> HTH,
> Roger Crowley
Received on Mon Jul 29 2002 - 10:11:14 CDT

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