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Re: Grant create database

From: Carlos Oliveira <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 16:12:08 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Thank you very much for your help.

I'm very new on Oracle and I don't have any background on databases.

To give the privilege of creating a database to a user I made:

grant sysdba to user

Now I want to take back that privilege and I made:

revoke sysdba from user

But still I can connect the user as sysdba. Another strange thing is that I can connect other users as sysdba. Is this normal? How do i really take back the sysdba privileges from users?

Thank you so much for everything


On Fri, 26 Jul 2002 09:01:35 +1000
"Howard J. Rogers" <> wrote:

> At the end of the day, the only user with the permissions to create a
> database is SYS.
> SYS has that privilege by virtue of having been granted the SYSDBA
> privilege. You can grant the same privilege to other Users, only if you are
> using an exclusive password file for privileged user authentication. That
> User (let's call him Fred) can then connect normally (connect fred/password)
> or as a privileged user (connect fred/password AS SYSDBA). However, in the
> latter case, if Fred then does something like 'show user', SQL Plus will
> return the result "SYS": connecting anybody 'as sysdba' simply re-routes
> their connection through the SYS schema. Hence my first statement above.
> There is another way to acquire the ability to perform privileged actions,
> of which 'create database' is just one: use Operating System Authentication.
> That is, on Unix there is a 'dba' group, and on NT an 'ORA_DBA' group.
> Making a machine user account a member of that O/S group means that said
> user can do a 'connect / as sysdba', and not be authenticated by the
> database at all... at which point s/he has the necessary privileges to
> create a database -though once again, a show user would return the answer
> 'SYS'.
> Regards
> "Carlos Oliveira" <> wrote in message
> > Hi
> >
> > Need your help on a simple question, i think...
> >
> > How do i grant the privilege to create a database to a user?
> >
> > Oracle 9i on Suse 8.0
> >
> > Thank you very much for the help
> >
> > Carlos
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