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Re: Backing up Databases

From: Richard Foote <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 14:38:57 +1000
Message-ID: <ng409.44116$>

Hi John,

At the risk of repeating myself (as I seem to have posted this a few times recently), export is *NOT* an appropriate way to backup your database, if the intent of the backup is to prevent data loss in case of a problem. This is a really important point !!

What if you lose a datafile, how will the export recover your data without loss. Or you lose your control files, or you have a corrupted table, or someone accidentally drops or truncates of table (the list goes on and on and on...). An export will either *NOT* be able to recover at all (worst case) or *NOT' recover without loss of data (best case).You will lose data and in most environments, loss of data is not an acceptable backup / recovery strategy outcome.

To protect your database, you *must* perform a *physical* backup of your database (including all data files and control files) and you *must* have all the redo logs generated since the last backed up component. Only then is your Oracle database protected, only then do you have a legitimate backup and recovery strategy.

Whether your backup is to tape or disk is your issue (although a few disks won't cost that much). But a physical backup is the way to go.

How you perform the physical backup is also up to you. From an Oracle perspective RMAN would meet all your needs, is "Oracle literate", is included with the database and has a very nice features set which is continually being added to.

Do yourself a favour and really backup your database.

Good Luck


"JohnWood" <> wrote in message news:u1209.3831$
> Hi,
> I am looking for advice what to use for backuping an Oracle database.
> I was planning to use the Oracle's Export Utility to create an .exp file.
> Then using window2000's backup utility to backup the .exp file to a Compaq
> DLT Tape. But as the database may grow to a 100 to 200G of data, it is
> feasible to purchase 3 more 72G drive to hold the exp file (I have no idea
> how big the export file will be yet). I prefer to export or backup to the
> DLT tape directly from Oracle. The DLT tape have a capacity of 40G or
> Please advise what software or setup I can do to achieve this.
> Thanks.
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