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Re: create user and grant

From: TurkBear <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 10:45:16 -0500
Message-ID: <>

And bear in mind that only the 'owner' of the data can GRANT access to it , so for ryan to see john's tables, JOHN has to do the granting..even the DBA can't.. Same thing applies to creating things - they can only be created in your own schema, so ryan, for instance, no matter what rights he has, cannot issue a 'CREATE TABLE JOHN.TABLE2' statement only John could..

The docs are a great resource..Use them..

"Tom Best" <> wrote:

>The quick answer is, by default, each user sees only the data in his
>"schema" i.e. the tables under his username. john can have a table called
>"tab1" and so can bill, and they are totally separate tables. If you want
>to share data from a schema to another user, you GRANT access to it for that
>user. You may also create SYNONYMs to allow the other user to refer to the
>table without prefixing it with the owner's userid.
>So, yes, bill and john are different users, with different data. They can't
>see each others data (by default). And if you create "ryan", again, he will
>have access only to HIS objects. The SQL statement "GRANT" will allow other
>users to see his data.
>Take a look at Part VIII of this:
>Tom Best
>"gulyas gabor" <> wrote in message
>> Hi all,
>> I am new to oracle, so I would like to ask a little help.
>> I use oracle 8.1.7 on unix platform with SQLplus.
>> There is a database called kurbie and if I use the 'sqlplus
>> john/john_at_kurbie' command I can administrate some tables, views, etc.
>> But if I use 'sqlplus bill/bill_at_kurbie' as command then different tables,
>> views, etc. are available.
>> I think that bill and john are different users, they use the same
>> but they have different rights, so both of them can reach their own
>> and the others are unavailable for them. Is it right ?
>> So it is the present situation, and here is my question:
>> I would like to use this kurbie database as mentioned above, but I need a
>> third case to the existing two.
>> with 'sqlplus ryan/ryan_at_kurbie' I want to see nothing from the data of
>> and bill, but I want to create ryan's data.
>> If you know how to do this, please answer me. (Ithink I should create a
>> user and then grant rights, but I don't know how to do this exactly.)
>> thanks a lot,
>> Gabor

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