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Re: Did Anybody install 9iAsR2 (infrastructure+middle-tier) on Windows?

From: Jason Pepper <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 14:13:52 +0100
Message-ID: <YTS%8.7$>

9iAS r2 will be re-released on the UNIX platforms, with the interoperability patch pre-applied, along with some other fixes.

You mention errors but then don't specifically say what those errors are ?

Did you look in the logs ?

What error do you get in the browser ?

Check you have started OID, without it the SSO cannot attempt to authorise you.

  "Henry Kam" <> wrote in message   I means the installation of 9iAsR2 on UNIX Platform needs serveral hours   to perform PATCHES ( because I did install 9iAsR2 on Linux) both after the installations of infrastructure and   middle-tier.. while the installation of 9iAsR2 on Windows does not require   PATCHES !!!!
  I tried to get to the login portal page from DEMO and from SSO, both   ended with the same error.... Please note that 9iASR2 is completely   different from 9iAsR1!!!

  The reports server was not up due to the problem of installation as mentioned   in one of the document in metalink...The reports server is up after modifying   %INFRASTRUCTURE_HOME/sysman/emd/targets.xml and restart EM !!!

  Maybe should wait for the next release, I quess...

  sg wrote:

    why do you think windows is released 6, 7 weeks after other platforms     are out, it is released patched
    you have some concept problem here,     host_name.wwsso_app_admin.is_login:7777     is your SSO Server, when you logon to Portal your user has to be     authentificated in SSO Server that's why you are redirected to above     address and port. are you you have your http server started in     infrastructure node?

    report server cannot start or stopped from enterprise manager, several     bugs. look on metalink

    ias r2 is pretty shitty anyways

    Henry Kam wrote:

> Hello,
> Please advise on 9iAsR2 on Windows platform...Thanks in advance..
> I installed 9iAsR2 (infrastructure+middle-tier) on the same Machine
> Windows NT4 Sp6 (The installation is much much easier than
> that for UNIX...AT least NO PATCHES!!!!). All installations are in
> default
> options...
> I have problem starting the following Instances in the Middle-tier:
> Portal:portal:7778
> not able to start most of the time when selecting "start
> all" in em
> sometime able to start but error occurs when browsing to
> the Oracle9iAs Portal page thru
> http://mysite:7778/portal/page?_paged=1.1.1_30460&dad=portal&
> _schema=PORTAL
> or
> http://mysite:7779/portal/page?_paged=1.1.1_30460&dad=portal&
> _schema=PORTAL
> to logon; the error is
> "Netscape is unable to locate
> server host_name.wwsso_app_admin.is_login:7777"
> I donot know why 7777 shows up even though the URL
> is http://mysite:7778/ or http://mysite:7779/
> By the way: Oracle installation configured the following ports:
> in %INFRASTRUCTURE_HOME%/Apache/Apache/conf/httpd.conf
> and in %INFRASTRUCTURE_HOME%/install/portlist.ini
> 7777 is configured as "PORT" and "LISTENER PORT"
> 7778 is configured as "Web Cache HTTP Listener(non-SSL)
> Port"
> while
> in %MIDDLE_TIER_HOME%/Apache/Apache/conf/httpd.conf
> and in %MIDDLE_TIER_HOME%/install/portlist.ini
> 7778 is configured as "LISTENER","DISCOVERER PORT",
> and "Web Cache HTTP Listener(non-SSL) Port"
> 7779 is configured as "PORT"
> What do I need to do?
> Reports: not able to start from em and from command line:
> server=
> Wirelesss:not able to start

    > Received on Thu Jul 25 2002 - 08:13:52 CDT

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