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Re: Adding disks in RAID for data files

From: Richard Foote <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 23:13:54 +1000
Message-ID: <9JS%8.43797$>

Hi Md,

As your Oracle software becomes more and more ancient and as hardware changes more and more from which the software was originally designed, these issues are more and more likely to occur.

It's not clear why you're still on 7.3 but when approximately 5 inches of dust has settled on your CD covers (or was that floppy disks), when your original software manuals are yellowed and rat chewed, when you ring up Oracle support and you can hear giggling and a "hey, I've got another one on the phone" in the background and when ORA-600's are an everyday event, it's generally an indication to upgrade !!

Now I know there maybe reasons why you can't upgrade but if you at all can, you really should and all these problems go away (only to be replaced by other problems but that's a different story).

Cheers :)

"Md Irfan" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> This is one thing I need a solution and feedback from you all.
> Recently that we are running short of space in our Raid for our
> database. We have planned to add some disks in Raid for adding some
> more data files to our tablespaces. Hence we still use a desupport
> product from Oracle, which 7.3.4 OPS on NCR (AT &T) SVR4 system, I am
> scared for the chances of ORA 600. Couple of weeks before we had
> upgraded our controller (of Raid) firmware and after a week of that
> upgrade, we see that LGWR terminates occassionally, sometimes problem
> with PMON, and the instances could not be able to shut normally but
> with a shutdown abort only. Also the same day we had an ORA 600, but
> thanks that it was not so critical. Furthermore I think and Oracle
> does not give a list of Arguments (from ORA 600) in any manners like
> no documents or so... except that to call support and know from them.
> So how can I proceed? Should go for an upgrade of RAID or ...?
> Thanks for your time.
> Irfan
Received on Thu Jul 25 2002 - 08:13:54 CDT

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