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Re: Imported DB runs SLOWER on faster machine

From: Telemachus <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 10:50:16 +0100
Message-ID: <qLu%8.4480$>

Rick ... there's gonna be flak from the worshippers of Ra ...

hee let the flames commence.
"Rick Denoire" <> wrote in message
> Daniel Morgan <> wrote:
> >Either way ... it would take one heck of a horribly configured and tuned
> >Ultrasparc to be slower than a single CPU PC.
> >
> >Daniel Morgan
> My moral condolence.
> This machine was setup and configured by Sun people. I know them, I
> don't admire their capabilities, but they are not idiots. I myself had
> the suspicion that some trivial kernel setting or whatever would be
> causing the problem. I complained to Sun, but nothing.
> You won't perhaps believe that right now I opened a case at Sun to
> investigate the miserable performance of the StorEdge A1000. They
> refused to engage with details and told me, if nothing is broken, they
> won't fix it. They won't recognize any performance test that I did and
> they won't do any test themselves until we prove what we say, (..which
> they won't recognize...).
> In short: We are changing our Service Contract from Gold to Silber,
> stopped purchasing things from Sun and will switch to Linux on Intel
> based Servers very soon. I can't wait to get a Dell Rack Server with
> two Xeons (2.4 GHz) and really fast harddisks and lot of features for
> only about 10000$.
> See my answer to the article from Sven Jensen in this same thread.
> I don't know what could be so terribly wrong to cause such a slow
> speed. Well... wait... I DO know: At times, mostly during weekends,
> the server used to crash. After some investigation I found out, that
> the CPUs have a fabrication error that causes the built-in cache to
> corrupt (admited by Sun) when the CPUs are idle for a long time and
> data remain in the cache. Sun's solution: A patch that would regularly
> flush the cache every 10 sec. Sun told me, there is no performance
> impact from this solution... Do you believe them?
> Go to and compare yourself.
> Bye
> Rick
Received on Wed Jul 24 2002 - 04:50:16 CDT

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