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Re: *** Oacle 8.1.6 on Linux ***

From: Patrice Castet <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 14:40:26 GMT
Message-ID: <>

hi !
I also fought with Oracle/Linux installation. At the end it worked and I wrote a little procedure of what to do to make it work. It should be effective most of the time. Here it is ! Cheers,

  1. use ONLY Red Hat 7.1, other Red Hat distributions are NOT validated by Oracle, good luck ...
  2. before running the installer do the following (root) :
       rpm -ihv compat-libs-6.2-3.i386.rpm
       rpm -ihv compat-glibc-6.2-
       rpm -ihv compat-egcs-6.2-

3) do everything else with the unix user "oracle", direct login, no "su" !

source /usr/i386-glibc21-linux/bin/

For sh or bash shell: LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5; export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL

If necessary : LDEMULATION=elf_i386_glibc21; export LDEMULATION

               GCC_EXEC_PREFIX=/usr/i386-glibc21-linux/lib/gcc-lib; export GCC_EXEC_PREFIX; export GCC_EXEC_PREFIX

4) unset LANG

   export DISPLAY=myHost:0.0
   xhost + (if necessary, first by root, then by user oracle)

5) During installation some link errors might occurs. It comes from an unsupported option in this distribution "ld" version (2.10.91)

Follow this Note (158104.1) :
fact: Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition 9.0.1

       fact: Intel Based Server LINUX
       fact: RedHat 7.1
       fact: SuSE 7.3
       symptom: Installation fails
       symptom: Error during linking
       cause: <Bug:1843232>
       Versions of ld prior to version 2.11 ignored the "-z defs"
flag. ld
       version 2.11 and later have the ability to use this flag.
Because of this the
       genclntsh script fails to produce the library on a
machine running
       ld > 2.11.

       The "-z defs" is set in the variable LD_SELF_CONTAINED in the
       genclntsh script.


When receiving this error during installation, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new console window on the host as the installation user.
  2. Set up the Oracle environment (i.e. ORACLE_HOME).
  3. Make a backup of the $ORACLE_HOME/bin/genclntsh script.
  4. Remove the ${LD_SELF_CONTAINED} flag from the ld command in the 'Create Library' section.
  5. Run the genclntsh script.
  6. Click on 'Retry' in the Universal Installer

The installation will now proceed.
Well, that's not always easy, but it works ! good luck !

On Mon, 01 Apr 2002 15:07:33 +0800, Gary Chan <> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I am trying to install oracle 8.1.6 on redhat linux 7.2 with kernel
>2.4.18 . I followed and completed the pre-installation procedures said
>in the installation guide. When I run runInstaller from the cdrom, the
>GUI installer doesn't pop up (see below).
>[oracle_at_localhost cdrom]$ runInstaller
>Initializing Java Virtual Machine from
>Please wait...
>[oracle_at_localhost cdrom]$
>Anyone has clue what is going on?
>Thank you,
Received on Tue Jul 23 2002 - 09:40:26 CDT

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