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Re: Is it possible to achieve five 9's without using OPS ?

From: Richard Foote <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 13:08:53 +1000
Message-ID: <3G3%8.41661$>

Hi Bass,

Yes, 5 9s is possible without RAC but it's a question of insurance, probabilities and single points of failure.

If you have one box, that's one point of failure, lose it and you're gone.

Use RAC, you have now multiple points of failure, lose one box and you're OK.

But you still have one point of failure. Lose the building your RAC boxes live in, you're gone. If you use multiple buildings in close proximity, lose the city's power grid (aka I think Wellington in NZ) you're gone. But you're improving the odds quite significantly.

Now use Oracle Data Guard, have a SB DB in another part of the country and we now reduce the odds even further.

It's always a question of priorities and the economic necessity of having the appropriate 'insurance'.

However one point of failure that many organisations don't always consider is lose your one and only DBA that knows what's going on and you're gone.

Sad but true


Use multiple
"Bass Chorng" <> wrote in message
> In your opinion about HA, is it possible to reach 5 9's
> (99.999% uptime or 5 minutes of down time per year)
> in an Oracle environment, without using OPS or 9iRAC ?
> I am only familiar with VCS, but I think it is the same
> regardless what you use as HA platform, that is, if it
> requires a database startup in the fail-over, then it is
> nearly impossible to reach 5 9's.
> Database startup on another node (basically from a shutdown
> abort of the original node) to my experience could take over
> 5 minutes alone. HW failures on a large system are usually
> more than once a year.
> Replication tools in the market don't give you real time
> sync. Even if they do, the multiple point of failures and
> performance problem present a bigger issue.
> I really can't think of a better way than 9iRAC. But I like
> to hear your opinion.
> Thanks.
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