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Re: Oracle Certification

From: Richard Foote <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 14:13:36 +1000
Message-ID: <XwL_8.40795$>

Hi Daniel,

Oracle had better make money, I've got a number of Oracle shares struggling somewhat at the moment :)

I think the issue of why Oracle has a certification program is quite interesting. As you say, one of the clear objectives of Oracle for such a program is to make money. However I can't help feeling there's a conflict here. To make more money, Oracle has a process which tries to encourage people en mass to get certified. The more people, the more money. Can't make it too difficult, or too high a barrier else we may not get the numbers and may not make the cash. That's a fundamental problem with how OCP has been introduced, the conflict of it being a meaningful certification process vs. getting heaps on board.

I'm not entirely sure how doctors and pilots and lawyers etc, get certified and the processes they have to complete but I don't think making money out of the certification process itself is a major consideration. Making competent doctors, pilots and lawyers is the main consideration, not making money. Quality not quantity.

While Oracle is focused on the money side of OCP and not on the competency side (when really one should complement the other) there will always be problems. Forcing people to attended training else you can't be certified is another example where the money side is ruining the basic concept of OCP.

My thoughts

"Daniel Morgan" <> wrote in message
> Paul Brewer wrote:
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> > > Can't you see
> > > It all makes perfect sense
> > > Expressed in dollars and cents
> > > Pounds shillings and pence
> > > Oh can't you see
> > > It all makes perfect sense
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> > I think Oracle is trying to grab that cash with both hands and make a
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Paul
> Which makes them different from any other company? Or any employee working
> any company?
> Last time I looked Oracle was not the name of a charity.
> Daniel Morgan
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