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Re: 1Z0-020 Oracle8i: New Features for Administrators test

From: Pete Sharman <>
Date: 19 Jul 2002 09:29:42 -0700
Message-ID: <>

In article <fHKZ8.38223$>, "Richard says...
>Hi All,
>Just an example of how silly some of these exams are.
>When you become certified at a particular level (say 8i) all the exams are
>primarily based on the "standard" bread 'n butter concepts. Although there
>are some version specific questions, much of the new stuff is simply not
>covered. There are *no* partitioning questions in the standard 8i exams.
>Only the 8i upgrade exams covers many of these new topics (such as
>The main reason for this is that the exams are based entirely on the
>corresponding Oracle courses. The standard courses simply can't cover all
>the new features, hence they are not in the exams. The new features are
>mainly concentrated in the new feature courses hence the upgrade exams are
>always going to be much "harder" and content rich.
>Therefore you have the scenario where one OCP may potentially have
>absolutely no knowledge of basic concepts of the DB (such as partitioning)
>why another OCP *at the same level* has had to answer these questions
>(because they upgraded).
>Work that one out.

See my response to HJR, but I think you're going a bit far in saying partitioning is a "basic concept of the DB". It would be interesting to poll the participants here to see how many are using partitioning. Basic concepts to me means more like starting and stopping databases, creating users etc. (all the stuff covered in the Fundamentals training, really).

>"Van Messner" <> wrote in message
>> It's not that it is harder, it's that it concentrates on just a few areas
>> Oracle. So you have to know those areas in much more detail than you
>> if you took the "regular" 8i tests.
>> "Warren" <> wrote in message
>> > How hard is the above test compares to the non-upgrade series?
>> >
>> > Also, am looking to buy STS's 1Z0-020 Oracle8i: New Features for
>> > Administrators software. Contact me at with your
>> > asking price. Thanks.

HTH. Additions and corrections welcome.


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