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Re: 1Z0-020 Oracle8i: New Features for Administrators test

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 13:14:04 +1000
Message-ID: <ah8054$sbp$>

Tell me about it!

As one teaching 9i New Features fairly early on, it was a bit of a shock to come across Chapter 20... Advanced Replication!!! And the last time I taught that in the 8i syllabus was.... er, ... er,...

So, yup: you can certify on 9i without knowing anything about AR. But to *upgrade* to the same certification, AR is a must.

It's daft, I agree.

HJR "Richard Foote" <> wrote in message news:fHKZ8.38223$
> Hi All,
> Just an example of how silly some of these exams are.
> When you become certified at a particular level (say 8i) all the exams are
> primarily based on the "standard" bread 'n butter concepts. Although there
> are some version specific questions, much of the new stuff is simply not
> covered. There are *no* partitioning questions in the standard 8i exams.
> Only the 8i upgrade exams covers many of these new topics (such as
> partitioning).
> The main reason for this is that the exams are based entirely on the
> corresponding Oracle courses. The standard courses simply can't cover all
> the new features, hence they are not in the exams. The new features are
> mainly concentrated in the new feature courses hence the upgrade exams are
> always going to be much "harder" and content rich.
> Therefore you have the scenario where one OCP may potentially have
> absolutely no knowledge of basic concepts of the DB (such as partitioning)
> why another OCP *at the same level* has had to answer these questions
> (because they upgraded).
> Work that one out.
> Richard
> "Van Messner" <> wrote in message
> > It's not that it is harder, it's that it concentrates on just a few
> of
> > Oracle. So you have to know those areas in much more detail than you
> would
> > if you took the "regular" 8i tests.
> >
> > "Warren" <> wrote in message
> >
> > > How hard is the above test compares to the non-upgrade series?
> > >
> > > Also, am looking to buy STS's 1Z0-020 Oracle8i: New Features for
> > > Administrators software. Contact me at with your
> > > asking price. Thanks.
> >
> >
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