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Re: cbc latch assignment on db_cache resize

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 12:47:52 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Just did a couple more experiments -
the first hypothesis is wrong.

I added a 2k cache sized at 4M in a
96MB limit, and saw 512 latches jump
to 1024 latches -- a reasonable response according to my theory.

But my test with 512MB is not repeatable. (I have to say I was a bit surprised to see 1536 as I was expecting a 1024 or 2048,
not halfway in between).

However the nail in the coffin was:
512MB sga_size
Start at 4M for a 2K cache.
1024 latches allocated on startup.

Increase the 2K cache dynamically
to 320MB - no change in latch count.

Restart the system with 320MB of 2k cache, 2049 latches allocated on startup (as expected using Steve Adams' formula for latch count).


Jonathan Lewis

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Jonathan Lewis wrote in message

>After your first email, I did a couple of quick tests
>on an NT 9.2.
>I happen to have an 8K database with 4K blocks
>Starting with
> sga_max_size = 256Mb
> db_cache_size = 8M
> db_4K_cache-size = 8M
>I see 1024 cbc latches.
>If I restart the database, but change the
>sga_max_size to 512MB, I get 1536 cbc
>So I was going to test the theory that the
>number of cbc latches is determined by
>largest number of buffers you could demand
>given the smallest block size with a defined
>BTW - the number of latches in 9.2 seems
>to revolve around significant powers to 2.
>I think you are thinking of the number of
>hash buckets when you say 'prime number
>close to twice the buffers'.
>Jonathan Lewis
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>Australia August
>Malaysia September
>USA (MI) November
>Andrew Mobbs wrote in message ...
>>Having now had a chance to play with this, it appears that, at least,
>>the values for _db_block_hash_latches and _db_block_hash_buckets in
>>x$ksppcv stay constant when db_cache_size changes.
>>This, unfortunately for me, means that shrinking the SGA shouldn't make
>>cache buffers chains contention worse. However, should we then be wary
>>of starting with a small SGA and dynamically growing it to something
>>quite large?
>>Interestingly, 9iR2 (at least, maybe 9.0.1 too), _db_block_hash_latches
>>has gone back to being prime but now is a prime "near" (not sure exactly
>>how it's chosen) twice the number of block buffers.
>>Andrew Mobbs -
Received on Thu Jul 18 2002 - 06:47:52 CDT

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