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Re: (Oracle8i or Oracle9i) + RH 7.3: does it work?

From: Stuart Blake Tener <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 22:49:50 -0700
Message-ID: <ah30c1$o38$>

"Anthony Jackson" <> wrote in message
> I think that everyone has had trouble installing 8i on RH linux (the
> installer not starting is a very common problem). I tried to install it
> on RH 7.0, but I gave up after finding out that you have to tweak your
> kernel bigtime and install compatibility gcc libraries. It is doable,
> because many people have 8i running on RH, but I don't recommend it if
> you can get 9i.

I was told that 9i is requisite of a minimum of 512MB of RAM, which is the sum total my laptop has in it, and is the maximum it can hold. Therefore, I am
concerned with trying to using 8i (I also do not have 9i, but could get it with
very little problem, buy purchasing the demo CDs, I know that).

Though at this point, I cannot remember having too much problems with getting
Oracle 8i installed in the past.

> I just installed the 9i client on RH 7.3 without a hitch. (no
> installer-not-starting error) It works great. I assume that the
> database install will be just as easy since it's all the same install.
> program. However, you will probably still want to tweak your kernel to
> get best performance, and searching on the net for red hat 7.3 oracle 9i
> should bring up tons of information to do that. Oracle and Redhat seem
> to be in some sort of partnership now, so you might find relevent info
> at each of their sites.

Performance is not my issue, since I am using Oracle to just learn about the engine and improve my DBA skills.

Beverly Hills, CA

> cheers,
> Anthony
> Stuart Blake Tener wrote:
> > Oracle DBAs/Linux Sys Admins:
> >
> > I am curious if anyone has had any trouble installing Oracle 8i under
> > Linux version 7.3?
> >
> > I tried to do it, but the installer never started. I am curious if
> > else has noticed this problem at all?
> >
> >
> > Stuart
> > Beverly Hills, CA
> >
> >
> >
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