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Re: Interest in 9i New Features for Administrators Exam book?

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:52:39 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Pete Sharman wrote:

> Folks
> < Long winded explanation >
> As some of you may recall, I wrote the Oracle8i Architecture and Administration
> Exam Cram book for the Coriolis Group, which has since curled up its toes (I'm
> sure that's not a reflection on my book, by the way!) Since then, a group of us
> that wrote for Coriolis, lead by Mike Ault, have started putting together a web
> site, where we are in the throes of loading some of the
> 8i exam material now that the rights have reverted to the authors. As it says
> on the web site, "At ROBO-Books International, Inc. our mission is to provide
> quality computer and technical reference materials directly downloadable to your
> desktop, laptop, notepad or PDA at the chapter, section or full text level."
> I had started putting some thoughts together on another book for the 9i New
> Features for Administrators Exam when Coriolis went under. I raised the
> possibility of putting this on the ROBO-Books site with Mike, and he is very
> interested in getting it there, since there are very few books out there that
> cover this particular exam.
> </ Long winded explanation >
> My question for you is: before I go to the effort of writing the book, is there
> sufficient demand out there to make it worthwhile? It takes a lot of time away
> from family life to do this, since it's all done after hours, and I don't want
> to waste my time if it's not going to generate enough interest (and of course,
> enough revenue for me!).
> Oh, and Mike, you don't need to answer. I already know your answer! ;)
> HTH. Additions and corrections welcome.
> Pete
> SELECT standard_disclaimer, witty_remark FROM company_requirements;

Since everyone else is saying 'yes yes yes' I guess I'm going to be the spoiler here. I would be interested in the book if it covered the material well from the standpoint of how, when, and when-not to use it. But if it is an exam cram book I would have no interest and would not be able to recommend it to my students. But then my focus on passing tests is only that they be able to pass the one's I write ;-) and mine never have True/False or multiple-choice answers.

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