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Re: How to confirm someone is an OCP?

From: David Wabel <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 03:51:38 GMT
Message-ID: <>

As luck would have it I made the decision to make a career change this an Oracle DBA, and was wondering if OCP made sense.

My background is 9 years with Informix, leaving there in 1996, having started as a junior consultant and leaving as senior systems engineer (sales engineer) working with large banks helping them architect their database systems.

I took a detour to work in dot com land for a while and now find myself laid off, stranded with lots of semi-useless online marketing knowledge and lots of detailed knowledge of a database few companies use.

Even though it breaks my heart ( happen to think Informix had a superior product ) I hope to leverage my knowledge to help companies migrate off Informix to Oracle.

I've been investigating taking the 4 online classes at $400 each and the $180 for the certification. That's a total of $1780 ( A lot of $$$ ).

But for me at least, OCP may make sense to demonstrate my initiative, get the needed initial education, and ( hopefully ) enable me to re-enter the database field.

Or does it just show that I'm stupid enough to give more money to help Larry finish his Japanese palace ?


in article, Norman Dunbar at wrote on 7/12/02 1:40 AM:

> Hi Niall,

>>> There has
>>> been a tendency for OCP candidates (or at least the recruitment

> agencies) to
>>> equate 'passed the OCP' with 'has 5 years real world experience'.

> Then those are the Bar Stewards which are givin the rest of us OCP
> enabled 'dba' people a bad name. I'll bet they lie about other things on
> their CV/Resumes as well.
> I'm an OCP myself, but I'm lacking in enough real world experience to
> call myself an 'experienced DBA' - but hell, I'm working on it.
> If my work hadn't paid for it, would I be an OCP ?
> I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I'd have paid for the courses at least
> out of my own pocket (or my wife's) if I had to.
> Regards,
> Norman.
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> Norman Dunbar
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