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Re: Omniback configuration problem

From: Vince Laurent <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 14:50:54 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Try the Omniback forum on the HP site. The guys there are very helpful. For example:

Gunther Schulze June 17, 2002 14:45 PM GMT

I just installed OmniBack 4.10 on an HP-UX Workstatation, running 64-bit 11i. Every time I enter the line command xomni -cde, I get a core dump {/opt/omni/bin/xomni[122]: 3842 Memory fault (coredump)}. I'm also installing this on an rp5430 (L-Class) running 64-bit 11.0, and I'm getting the same result. Has anyone seen this as well, or am I just crazy?    
  1. Clay Stephenson June 17, 2002 14:55 PM GMT [ 5 pts ]
    Others have seen it. Look for the latest OB2 CC patches or you can install the GUI on a Windows box and use it to manage your UNIX Cell Server. The Windows GUI seems to be more stable and significantly faster.

P.S. I still dislike OB2 4.x because of the GUI. From my point of view, they messed up a perfectly good GUI to make it look like the Windows version.  

Gunther Schulze June 17, 2002 14:59 PM GMT [ N/A: Question Author ]

Thanks for the idea. I installed the latest patches (PHSS_26342 and PHSS_25965) and still have the problem. I guess I'll have to take your advice about doing the Windows thing. Pretty unimpressed with the latest version myself...

Gunther Schulze June 17, 2002 15:11 PM GMT

Believe it or not, the GUI seems to work fine (no core dumps) when I use ReflectionX on my Windows box to get to the server. Very bizarre...I wonder if it has to do with the GUI pixels, resolution of monitor, or something dumb like that.

Antonio Valle June 17, 2002 15:16 PM GMT [ 3 pts ]

This is a known error for OB 4.1... log a call to HP support, since they are now testing on this error.


Gunther Schulze June 17, 2002 15:17 PM GMT

I have logged a call. Thanks for the info about this being a known issue. HP hasn't told me that yet.

Stewart Macleod June 18, 2002 14:21 PM GMT [ 5 pts ]

There are two simple workaround currently being used by other customers to avoid GUI crashes.

The first workaround is to collapse the screen display before switching contexts, which means reducing the lists displayed on the screen before swapping to another GUI screen.

For example, in the "Environment" screen, you would close up open media pools, close up the list of pools, and close up the list of devices. So you would just have left:
- Devices
- Media

Then if you swap to another GUI screen, the GUI is much less likely to fail.

An additional workaround can be set in the OBII Database area of the GUI by limiting the default number of sessions to be displayed:

At present the only thing we can offer customers is the workarounds There is currently [June 2002] no estimate on when a fix may be ready.  

Gunther Schulze June 18, 2002 15:18 PM GMT

It turns out that when I installed patches PHSS_26342 and PHSS_25965 the issue was fixed. However, I had to run a script that re-pushes out the agents (must be done even after reboot). I'll attach it here. The HP response center gave me this handy script. Keep in mind, it's not officially "supported" so use at your own risk.

On Thu, 11 Jul 2002 20:22:32 +0000 (UTC), "Neil Truby" <> wrote:

>Poor me.  I'm still stuck.  Please help!
>"Neil Truby" <> wrote in message
>> Oracle 9.2.0 on Solaris 2.8 on a Netra X1.
>> Omniback 4.1
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