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Re: V$ tables

From: Pete Finnigan <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 12:12:18 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Hi All

I know this reply is a month late but I wanted to add to this thread as its relevant for me. Someone in the thread suggested its OK to grant access to all v$ and dba_ views?.

I am currently writing a step-by-step guide for securing Oracle for the SANS institute and I am interested in the groups view "on security grounds" of which "dba_", "v$" or "all_" views should have access granted to them. Obviously developers and others sometimes need access to some of these views for tuning, system info etc - but exactly which ones? and why are they safe?

In my view, for security we should always use the "least privilege" principle and remove all default privileges and grant back what is actually needed. Most databases I have seen are not very secure and usually development databases are worse. Most unauthorised access is employees disgruntled or otherwise looking at what they should not.

For instance I would not allow access either directly or through roles to DBA_USERS. Access to that reveals the password hashes ( although there are a number of other ways to get at them), the "values" command can only be used as a DBA so what use are they to anyone?, well its possible to use the hash. A brute force attack of the password can be done off line for instance when the hash is known. Even access to all_users might seem innocuous but it gives the reader of the view a complete list of users and then a simple SQL statement can generate a set of connect attempts for all users. There are many more examples I can think of.

Anyway I am interested in everyone's view of which views are "really" not a risk. to be granted to developers.


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In article <>, Daniel Morgan <> writes
>Charlie Edwards wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would be grateful for a DBA's opinion on this ...
>> Which V$ tables should be available to developers as a matter of
>> course?
>> v$process, v$session, v$lock, v$sqlarea, v$sqltext, v$locked_object,
>> v$session_longops ...
>> Any others?
>> For that matter, is there any reason why developers should not have
>> acess to ALL V$ tables in a development environment?
>> Thanks,
>> CE
>Please allow me to ask the question in a different way. What possible
>justification is there for not giving developers access to all v_$
>views? And for that matter all dba_ views too?
>Can they change anything?
>Can they do any damage?
>Is there a negative side to having developers that know and care about
>how their work will impact production?
>Give them the whole darned thing and be glad they asked.
>The only reason I have ever felt for DBAs denying access to the data
>dictionary views (other than ego) is that they are so insecure with
>their own skills that they are afraid someone might see that they
>haven't been doing their job well.
>Daniel Morgan

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