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Re: Oracle vs DB2

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 23:39:35 +1000
Message-ID: <aghdg4$e9f$>

Norman: I am in the middle of a reply to you as I write this (quite why I would break off one reply to supply another, I can't imagine). I've been distinctly under the weather (ie, quite sick) for a number of days, and have therefore only got around with playing with your trigger code this afternoon. It works. Not only that, but it feels sexy, and your REMM'd comments make me laugh.

Oh... alright. Here's the better forum anyway.

People should know: Norman Dunbar has done sterling service taking my pathetic attempts at PL/SQL and turning them into something that looks like I could charge several thousand bucks for. Astonishing stuff to the untutored such as me.

Regrettably for Norman, my Study is now replete with software that looks like it could have come out of a packet, but isn't going to be sold anywhere. But I feel my development teeth are rapaciously sharp once more, and in no small measure to Norman's filling and drilling exercises with my abysmal efforts.

That man deserves a medal or something (a Richard Foote Stringless Guitar so no one will have to suffer, perhaps).

Norman: it works (psssst... it's not quite what I wanted, because I can't even describe these things properly, but the example code you supplied was entirely sufficient to make it clear what I needed to tweak). So without you it couldn't have been done, so my gratitude is -entirely genuine, this - enormous.

Thank you so very much,
HJR "Norman Dunbar" <> wrote in message
> Howard,
> Nice one !!
> Cheers,
> Norm.
> PS. Has the email you sent me along with 'can you code this better than
> me' been checked recently :o)
> Or shall I send all the stuff to instead ?
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> Norman Dunbar
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> Lynx Financial Systems Ltd.
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> (Hint to the wise: Richard Foote is tone deaf, if stunningly impressive
> in
> "Five Go Sex-Mad in East Sussex on a Wet Afternoon". When he thinks he's
> playing the digeridoo, he's actually just humming. Please don't get him
> to
> do his 'Tosca' interpretation: dentists have had less effect. I've had
> coffee with this man. And dental treatment afterwards. I know whereof I
> write.)
> Regards
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