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Re: How to confirm someone is an OCP?

From: Geoff Muldoon <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 22:28:15 +1000
Message-ID: <>

Howard, "newboy", "Andy",

Can I use this for a FAQ-type thing (with due attributions?) ???


<snip> discussion about selection/qualification </snip>
>No need to be cynical.
>I have a Masters in Twentieth Century Domestic American Political History.
>How much of a difference to my employment prospects do you think that
>honestly makes to me these days?
>A degree means I can demonstrate I can learn learn. An OCP should mean you
>can demonstrate you are willing to learn. Nothing more, nothing less.
>The cynicism you see in these parts is in large meaasure due to the fact
>that most of the posters you'll see here regularly would scoff at the idea
>that they have to demonstrate anything: their professional work experience
>demonstrates as much equally well, if not better.
>If all you've got is an OCP, it's better than nothing. At least you've
>studied. If that's *all* you've done, forget it. You need experimentation
>"newboy" <> wrote in message
>> This is starting to worry me. I am just about to book a fast track course
>> OCP 9i but all I read is negative stuff. I'm not an Oracle DBA and don't
>> work with it every day. Oracle is only a small part of my daily work. All
>> want is to learn enough to help me to deploy and support my software and
>> also give my customers some confidence in my companies abilities.
>> If I pass the certification I certainly won't view myself as some kind of
>> expert. To me it's a bit like being at university or school. You learn
>> stuff, do some exams and then you go out and learn how to do the job. So I
>> suppose I can see where the cynics are coming from.
>> Cheers
>> James
>> "Andy" <> wrote in message
>> > I am going to be looking for a DBA soon, and it's occurred to me that
>> > if someone tells me they are an Oracle Certified Professional I think
>> > I'll want to confirm it.
>> >
>> > Do the Oracle Education people keep a record, and would they tell me
>> > if someone was an OCP if I asked


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