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Re: Profile of of a DBA - part System Admn / Part Network Admin / Part Web Admin

From: sg <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 21:00:09 +0200
Message-ID: <>

you can find one of these if he is

  1. bored with database
  2. bored with system admin
  3. bored with network setup, configuration
  4. bored with programming
  5. has over 5 ~ 10 years experience which probably 3 of them would be DBA (to be honest 3 years experience DBA depends on enviroment can be a Database baby sitter)

And from your conclusions you assume that a DBA has not to get involved in applicartion design which is a big failure in many projects, I just saw two DataMart projects with no DBA support and failed poorly

May I ask are you looking for a one man army or you are looking for a DBA?

What you are looking in we call it System Engineer and not a DBA (well if what you are looking for is a Database Baby Sitter then you are in a good way)


Note: By the way add your percentage they add up to 280%

Ora wrote:

> We had discussion about the profile of a DBA in our Oraganisation.
> Today's DBA has to perform many roles and is expected to expand beyond
> Database only Focus .
> He has to have expertise in atlease one Operating System .
> He should also be fairly conversant with Networking Technologies.
> Additionally Web skills like Web Server , Proxy and Mail server
> Administration knowledge is definite plus.
> The requirement is the DBA is expected to give first level trouble
> shooting support in all related fields.
> We tried to arrive at Profile of a DBA who is also a part System Admin
> , part Network Admin and part Web Admin. We have given some
> percentages to skills .
> 100 % Database Administration
> 70 % System Administration for any OS (Win2k / Solaris / Linux)
> 60 % Network Adminstration (LAN / WAN Technologies)
> 50 % Web Skills like Web Server / Proxy Server / Mail Server
> Administration
> Hope this is a fairly accurate assesment. This forum may share their
> own estimate & experiences.
> About the Language skill a DBA should know , apart from procedural SQL
> like Oracle's PL/SQL , the consensus is he should be in the know of
> XML too. Is this the correct picture ?
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