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Re: I HATE that Java installer for 9i - tightvnc anyone?

From: Can Please <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 07:35:51 +0100
Message-ID: <>

On 7 Jul 2002 22:00:55 -0700, (Paul Drake) wrote:

>Connor McDonald <> wrote in message news:<>...
>> Norman Dunbar wrote:
>> >
>> > Ok, I found a workaround.
>> > Click on another window and drag it al over the Installer.
>> > Now move the dragged window away, and lo, the text entry boxes become
>> > usable again.
>> >
>> > (Win2K SP2 Client, Exceed X server and HP UX 11>00 64bit on the server.)
>> >
>> > I feel a bit better now.
>> >
>> > Norman.
>> >
>> I prefer using VNC - the colours are often dodgey but its typically a
>> lot more stable than a PC X-server. Similarly, its great for dialup
>> lines since you can disconnect at any time without interfering with the
>> installer. Makes things like starting an install at work, and then
>> checking it worked once you get home easy
>> hth
>> connor
>Have you tried the product "tightvnc" yet?
>I just read about it this weekend and haven't installed it yet - will
>do so tomorrow. If you have ever used vnc over a dial-up connection
>(other third-party apps work much better in this case) - tightvnc may
>be work a look, rather than PC Anywhere, NetOp, W2K Terminal Services,
>Btw - there was a thread on Slashdot this weekend about using an
>Xfree86 v4.2.0 Xwindows client from within Cygwin that's worth a read.
>Nothing new, but it was to me.

Heads up on tight vnc - our experience is that with tight vnc, unlike vnc, if you need to reboot the machine remotely, even if the back-ground server is bought up as a service, you cannot log on again remotely, the session password seems to get corrupted somehow, requiring resetting, which require being at the console. -- This is not a problem with vnc.

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