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Re: converting from DB2 to Oracle: TIMESTAMP

From: Peter Sylvester <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 17:39:47 -0400
Message-ID: <>

I haven't used it yet, but it looks like 9.0 and up offers a TIMESTAMP data type, with seonds resolution to 6 decimal places. I'm not sure what if any limitations extist in going from date to timestamp types.


Ed Stevens wrote:
> We are converting an application (written in COBOL) from DB2 to Oracle. On this
> project I will be working as both the primary support DBA and a member of the
> programming team. So unlike another project I'm on (see "venting my spleen")
> I'll be in a very good position to influence application design decisions.
> Since Oracle's DATE will only resolve time to seconds, it would appear that the
> TIMESTAMP fields will have to become either CHAR or NUMBER datatypes (with an
> application-understood format, and few lines of code coming and going to handle
> it) I'm looking for best ideas to get the milliseconds, or a resonable
> facsimilie thereof.
> I searched the archives and got the general answer of using a sequence. Even
> found where I had posted a msg on the same general subject a year ago, but the
> replies were a bit more vague than what I'm looking for here. One message, on
> another thread, even said to "use the millisecond portion of the sequence."
> That's a new one on me.
> It would appear that the potential exists for needing to increment the sequence
> on the order of magnitude of several dozen to a few score times per second.
> Any thoughts on best practices for this situation?
> --
> Ed Stevens
> (Opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of my employer.)
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