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Re: The point of Oracle certification

From: Fred Pierce <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 08:35:38 -0400
Message-ID: <>

As with most things, it depends on what you bring to it. In my case, it is a curriculum to educate myself in Oracle aspects that I may not encounter in my normal work. Since I am by myself, I rely on newsgroups, user groups, and goals such as certification to keep me from being complacent.

In other words, my personal goal is not to pass the tests, but to try the material on my play databases, find the errors (one drawback - having to memorize an untruth since it's the right answer on the test. More of an irratant than a problem though, I think), apply whatever good stuff I learn to my real world databases, and generally use the certification process as a map to explore Oracle. In the process of learning all this though, I get an OCP which combined with my experience etc. may be helpful in my career, and it makes my employer happy. Of course, the latter's funding of the process is a factor.

I agree with the general sentiment of the group that passing a bunch of multiple-choice tests alone is worthless, but as a real learning goal, certification can be worthwhile. The marketplace still is the deciding factor - tighter it is, the more demanding the hiring criteria. If I were looking for work, I'd want the certification and I'd also attempt to communicate to a prospective employer why it is worth something.

Must be something to it judging from the myriad words written about it here and elsewhere.

As far as keeping up with versions etc. it's a pain but I don't know how to slow the industry down. We keep up or fall under the wheels.


Fred Pierce (DNRC)
MAAM Transportation Show 2002 - Sept. 21-22

Sted Alana wrote:
> To All
> What is the point of Oracle certifications? lets face it, they are expensive
> and will become redundant in years. For example, a person who is Oracle 8i
> certified is now out of date because of the release of Oracle 9i. Why would
> someone pay to get re-certified to keep in tune with Oracle technology? My
> reasoning is that people get certified and recertified because their company
> pays them to get certified (i.e. they already have a job).
> Comments welcomed, by all means.
> Regards
> Sted
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