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Sizing for Oracle ebusiness suite

From: Jess Liao <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 19:10:19 GMT
Message-ID: <vamV8.13088$>

Hi, I am a season'ed Unix & network guy, and even a little bit of oracle database, but Oracle Applications are brand new to me.

I am given a project where a good portion of Oracle eBusiness Suite applications and of course oracle database (8.1.7.x.0) will be used. The eBusiness suite applicable to the project including AP/AR, GL, FA OFA, itime, iexpense, iprocurement, and some of the OPM modules like inventory etc. And if I understand correctly, the Oracle 11i App servers will be used for the web front (am I making any sense? not being too familiar with non database oracle software)

I have looked on Oracle's website but could not find any sizing tool.

The system is to handle no more than 30 concurrent users at peak time, 10-15 concurrent users most of tthe time. It will contain data for HR, Manufacturing, financial, etc, for a company of about 200 people that is in both research and manufacturing business.

Based on what I know about oracle database and java (app server uses jsp i guess?), and budget, I am deciding on the following Sun hardware:

1 V480 4 cpu 16 gig ram for all oracle app serv/ebusiness suites, database 1 280R 2 cpu 4 gig ram for OFA and its own database(? read about requiring

                            its own database)

1 280R 2 cpu 4 gig ram all components

1 280R 2 cpu 4 gig ram all components

I know not much info about data size is being presented, but that's about all I know too.

Could anyone please comment on this sizing, anything I should watch for? and/or if any reference can be pointed to me, ie a sizing tool somewhere or other ref docs with similar environment, etc, that'd be greatly appreciated too.

Thanks a bunch!

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Received on Fri Jul 05 2002 - 14:10:19 CDT

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