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Re: Which Version is the best

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 20:02:41 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Pete Sharman wrote:

> In article <>, Daniel says...
> >
> >Christian Lang wrote:
> >
> >> Hi,
> >> we plan to upgrade our production Database from to a newer Version.
> >> Shall we go to 817 or is it better to upgrade to 9i. What did you think?
> >>
> >> thanks for your opinions
> >> Christian Lang
> >
> >Go to 8.1.7. There are still some unresolved problems with 9.2.
> >
> >There will likely be patches soon and then 9i will be ready for prime time.
> >
> >My rule of thumb is ... When Oracle decides that a version is good enough for
> >their own applications it is good enough for mine. If Oracle isn't willing to
> >risk the 11i apps on 9i ... why should I risk mine?
> >
> >Daniel Morgan
> >
> SO you should be ready to risk them. We run our apps and our email server on
> the latest database release, generally before it gets to you, as a real proof
> point. We want to find the bugs before you do! ;)
> HTH. Additions and corrections welcome.
> Pete
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And I as a customer am perfectly pleased that you do. Your policies are set at the top by Larry and he can risk his own company and fortune as he pleases. He can also apply unlimited resoures to fixing every bug and isue as it arises.

I see my responsibility as being something other than a guinea pig for a vendor not matter how much I may like that vendor and its products. When Oracle provides free tech support for those that upgrade first I may be willing to incur a greater risk.

Until then, we are paying you for support contracts and we can lose our jobs if the same issues happen on our watch. So you guys keep doing the great job you are catching and fixing bugs in-house. And we will use 8.1.7 until you are satisfied you've got it right. Seems like a great deal to me.

Daniel Morgan Received on Mon Jul 01 2002 - 15:02:41 CDT

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