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Re: whats going on

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 21:44:29 +1000
Message-ID: <afpfd1$mil$>

"George Barbour" <> wrote in message news:3d20287a$
> > Doing so they will *never* learn Oracle.
> > Also keep in mind that there are very few people responding here.
> > Should they waste their precious time by answering the same questions
> > over and over again? Or do you think they should stop responding to
> > those questions?
> > > Regards
> > Sybrand Bakker, Senior Oracle DBA
> >
> There are very few people responding, and it would be interesting to
> a hit summary of respondents on someone's web page, .......Jonathan?
> BTW a hit summary of just readers, the silent majority, would be
> as well.
> My belief about why there are so few, is the quality of response that one
> gets from this newsgroup. The quality is so high, the answers are usually
> very concise and focused. It is a brave person that submits an answer to
> this group with so many outstanding authors in attendance; every answer
> submitted is an invitation for a correction.
> Just consider the 'myths thread'; that must opened the eyes of quite a
> it has certainly opened mine.
> I have been a DBA for many years now, I have learned the trade from Oracle
> training, books, CBT's and big-time this newsgroup, and I know I will
> continue to learn from this newsgroup.
> My contributions are virtually non-existent; mainly because I don't feel
> need to contribute given the present company.

No, no, no no, no!

Come on Goerge.... chin up. If you delve through Google long enough, I'm sure you'll find me posting definitively that "nologging" applies to all DML. It happens... we blush, we get clobbered, we learn.... it stops happening (we hope).

I've been lobbying quietly for some time at Oracle that all Instructors should be compelled to participate here. Instructors get class-bound, they lose the sense of the real issues faced in the real world. They have no idea whether what they know is what is true, important or relevant. Only exposure here makes them realise what their true "market" (for want of a better word) has to deal with. And only that exposure will make them better instructors.

If you don't participate, if you but lurk, you learn only what you absorb by osmosis. Which is nowhere near what you can learn by diving in and giving it a go.

Not to say but that I think you're being a trifle modest - you have contributed in your turn, and provoked contributions that are worthwhile, too, which is just as valuable.

You're doing just fine, you know?

> George Barbour.
Received on Mon Jul 01 2002 - 06:44:29 CDT

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