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Re: Stale procedures?

From: Greg Weston <>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 13:23:37 GMT
Message-ID: <>

In article <>, Daniel A. Morgan <> wrote:

> Thanks for the clarification but what you are describing is a production
> system.
> And you should not be modifying code except during a clearly defined window
> during which the other system is off-line.

It is a production system, yes. Upgrades do happen during a clearly defined window. The other side is, effectively, offline. Apparently it's not offline enough, but we had no reason to expect that was the case until we banged into it.

> There is nothing going on, with
> respect to UserB, that could not be automated using dynamic SQL so I don't buy
> more than a few minutes to have the system back on-line.

Except for things that are going on in the program unrelated to the DB. I shouldn't have said "tearing down and setting up the connections." The complete process of shutdown and startup takes an unpleasant, in terms of exposure, amount of time even though its in the small hours of local time. Unfortunately, stopping and starting the process is the only way to actually tear down the connections (short of yanking a network cable) and I'm uncertain of the timeframe for getting that shortcoming addressed.

> As I said before. If someone reporting to me did this they would it would be
> treated as a serious infraction of good practice and I would question whether
> I wanted them to remain in on the project.

I understand your point of view. I'm just a bit confused about the behavior, and not one of our DBAs (me, the duffer, or either of the two substantially more experienced ones) expected or knew of the behavior until 36 hours after the first time it happened when a report was generated showing the disparity. Having found a behavior that we can't find documentation for, I was curious as to whether there was a known, minimally disruptive way to address it.

Come to that, is there documentation you can recommend indicating specifically that users can't reliably call procedures that have been updated while were connected. I'd like to have something to show my peers and higher ups.

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